Your logo is your first impression

Think of your online business as you would a brick and mortar store. You may offer professional products for sale, but if the sign hanging over your front door is not professional, your potential customers will just pass right on by.

Your logo is that sign.

It's your only chance to make a first impression. You want to intrigue shoppers...give them an immediate sense of wanting to see more.

If you're ready to go professional, your first order of business is a logo as professional as your products.

  • So, what is a logo, anyway?

    A logo is a graphic that becomes more or less your online trademark. It contains first and foremost, the name of your business, possibly a slogan, and design elements that "fit" your business.

    If you sell, say, little boys' clothing, you would probably want your logo to reflect that in some way, whether in design elements, color, subject matter, etc.

    A logo may contain either custom-made design elements (like stripes, polka dots, hearts, princesses, cowboys, jewelry, books, pottery, get the idea) or even a favorite photo. Most importantly, your logo should reflect you.

    Mothergooseberry can design a logo that will fit you to a "T." It will be exclusively yours, and will never be duplicated for anyone else.

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