Show Who You Are!

On eBay, registered members are given a wonderful, and free opportunity to really show the world who they are! It's called an "About Me" page, and it's a blank canvas just waiting for you to showcase both you and your wares to the world. So why not take advantage of it?

There's practically no limit to what you can do with an "About Me" page. I've designed several for clients, and with each one, I try to tell a story about the style and personality of that client using both graphics and words that shed some light on each client's sense of style and inner self.

What makes a Mothergooseberry page so different?

Since it would be a shame to let all that "free advertising" space go to waste, I strive to give each "About Me" page a look that's--well--surprisingly different! I don't want it to look like just a glorified template. I want it to look like a website-inside-a-website. When someone clicks on that little "ME" icon to see a page designed by Mothergooseberry, I want them to stop and go "Ohhhhh!" And then to STAY and view the entire page to see what that seller has to offer. THAT'S what it's all about!

Now, take off that mask and get ready to let the real you come shining through!

To see samples of Mothergooseberry "About Me" pages, go to the PORTFOLIO.

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